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Recover latest versions of deleted documents even after a hard drive failure
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30 July 2008

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There can be several files stored up on the computer system at any given time with the user working extensively with multiple professional procedures. Trusting the working of this unique wondrous utility makes it a first choice for any user to store up vast information files over the system and work with several kinds of processes and files as desired. Further, with the enhancing scope of professional requirements, especially project related work, and other varied activities that include working with diverse formats and approaches which include both personal and official usage. However, it is also necessary to create certain backups and arrangements to safeguard the stored data in case of any unforeseen situation. DiskInternals Office Recovery 1.8 is a tool that works for restoring data in case of any hard drive corruption or malfunction.

DiskInternals Office Recovery 1.8 opens with a neatly aligned interface with the chief options placed at the top and the main screen showing the list of files recovered by this application. The user can easily restore the deleted documents and easily works with MS Office formatted documents. Further, the program scans up the whole surface of the hard drive and locates all the documents that were deleted or simply corrupted owing to any event and finds all the files placed in the MS Office format. The procedure utilized by the program is using a series of signature characteristics for specifically Office file types and also facilitates scanning of the file system to extract the names of files. The disk scan result can be matched with the information placed in the system and the user can have the entire list of documents with recovery possibilities.

DiskInternals Office Recovery 1.8 works as a suitable and practical tool for recovering important files that are lost owing to any hard drive failure and hence it earns a rating of 3.5 points for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

Recover latest versions of deleted documents even after a hard drive failure with DiskInternals Office Recovery.
Unlike general-use undelete and data recovery tools, DiskInternals Office Recovery benefits from being designed to handle documents stored in Microsoft Office format. General-use tools scan the computer's file system in order to locate files that were deleted or corrupt because of a hard drive failure. However, they fail to work properly if the file system is damaged, which happens a lot after hard drive failures.
DiskInternals Office Recovery scans entire surface of your hard drive in order to locate all Microsoft Office documents. In order to find the documents it uses a set of signatures characteristic for the Office file types. The file system is also scanned in order to retrieve the names of the files. The results of the disk scan are matched against information contained in the file system, and you are presented with a complete list of all documents that are on the disk and that are still possible to recover.

Often you don't want to see the list of all Microsoft Office documents that are on your computer. There's no point in spending time scrolling through an endless list of files if you need the latest revision of a PPT presentation or an XLS spreadsheet right away. Office Recovery offers an extensive set of filters allowing you to display only the files that you need with just a few mouse clicks. If you need a DOC file that you worked with today, simply activate the File Format and Date filters, and only the Word documents that were saved today will be displayed. If you don't remember the name of the file, but know its title or the person who created the document, the Title and Author filters will show you those files. Similarly, if you only remember a line or even a few words of text from the document, you can instantly locate that particular file by activating the Text filter. Full document preview is available in the free version.
DiskInternals Office Recovery
DiskInternals Office Recovery
Version 1.8
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